Dog-Friendly Places in Beverly Hills California

Beverly Hills is one of the most beautiful cities in Los Angeles County, United States.

Its location is such that the West Hollywood city and Los Angeles surrounds it.

Beverly Hills Population

The city has a population of around 35,000 from the United States Census conducted in 2010 with a population density of 5,973.1 people per square mile. Much of the racial composition of the population comes from white, American Africans, Native Americans, Asians, Pacific Islander, and others respectively.
Persian ethnic community is the largest population in Beverly Hills composing of around 26%.

Most of the Beverly Hills population reside in households with a few residing in non-institutionalized quarters. There are approximately 14,869 households, with around 25.3% with children under the age of 18 years. Most of the opposite married couple were living together. The household average family size was around 3.05 and the average household size is 2.29.

Beverly Hills city Income

The average household income in Beverly Hills was approximately $70,945 with an average family income of approximately $102,611.Males had higher incomes compared to the female. The city per capita income is estimated to be around $65,507 with the majority of the population above the poverty line.


Beverly Hills city climate comprises of the warm Mediterranean climate. The average temperatures vary from August to January. For instance, the average temperatures in January are 19.4 degrees Celsius while at August temperatures raise up to 29.4 degrees Celsius. Little rainfall is received annually with an average of less than 460 mm of rainfall. The summer is characterized by adequate warm suitable for traveling and high to new places. During the winter snow formation is recorded. Warn Santa Ana winds to make d the winter season

The average house price in Beverly Hills

Most residents occupy flats around Beverly Hills which is relatively flat land. The land slopes from the hills toward the flat region. Residential houses located in the hillside are more expensive than the average housing value as compared to the rest of the houses in the city. The residential house is divided into two categories.
Locally and the Wilshire Boulevard houses.

The local houses are also known as South or North of the tracks since they refer to the old train tracks that were used by the ancient Pacific electric streetcar were passing through to the Beverly Hills. On the other hand, the houses situated at the north of Sunset in Wilshire Boulevard have a more urban look with a rectangular small size than those at the south. The average housing price thus varies from one location to another. More apartments also care at these place with the lowest house average value being at Beverly Hills.

Best places to visit at Beverly Hills with your dogs

When traveling with your dog these are some challenges that you may encounter such as pooping. Having poop bags will be of great importance when walking with your dog.

Beverly Hills has various beautiful and sociable places to walk with your dog. These places are dog-friendly zones thus you can walk with your dog comfortably without any restrictions. Some of these places are;

Beverly Hills Hotel

This is one of the most beautiful hotels in Beverly Hills and located on Sunset Boulevard. It is one of the world best-known hotels to its friendly people. These people not only be kind to you but also to your pets. Dog-friendly parking spaces are reserved for every pet owner together with dog-friendly meals.

Beverly Center

Beverly Center is one of the most famous shopping malls in Beverly Hills. While walking with your dog in this mall, these are various dog-friendly services such as the
1. Dog groomers,
2. Dog stores,
3. Dog sitters,
4. Trainers among other dog business.

Dog-friendly Bakery in Beverly Hills

The Dog Bakery was started to provide the best food dog services in Beverly Hills. The bakery has made dog foods for decades thus dog food perfection has been achieved.

Things to do with your dog while in Beverly Hills

Walking with your dog at Beverly Gardens Park

Beverly Gardens Park is one of the most interesting places to visit while at Beverly Hills. It serves to provide a conduce green environment where you can play with your dog. The jogging path which is two miles long will provide a humble distance for you and your dog to walk together while playing.

Virginia Robinson Gardens Hike

Having a hike with your dog at Virginia Gardens will only entertain the dog but also make it more loyal to you. You will both enjoy the hike. There are numerous dog-friendly hiking places within the Garden.

The Peninsula Beverly Hills Tour

While in this place two your dogs will be welcomed but at an additional fee of $40 per dog. There are dog-friendly derives such as allowing the dogs in all rooms and even leaving them unattended. Dog beds, feeding bowls will be provided. Dog walks in the nearby areas are allowed so that your dog can have adequate time playing outside the room. Dog-friendly sleeping rooms are also provided for each dog so that your dog has comfortable resting places. The dog handlers and groomers will ensure that your dog is treated perfectly while in Beverly Hills. The dog-friendly tours will ensure that the dogs are exposed to many places as a way of training it. Dog-friendly tours will ensure your dog remains healthy from the exercising while walking.

Dog parks in Beverly Hills

West Hollywood Park

All dog owners love this park. Equipped with super playing structures and huge playing ground. The basketball field gives you a space to play with your dog.

The Community Dog Park

One of the most affordable public dog park located in Beverly Hills. Dog-friendly playing grounds are available in these dog parking site.

William S Hart Park & Off-Leash Dog Park

Very clean and best dog-friendly services. Dog foods and groomers will treat your dog perfectly.

Westwood Dog Park

This dog park is generally clean and very nice. All dog owners are required to monitor their dog moves to avoid the dog getting lost to the nearby residential places or fighting with other dogs in the park.


Scamp the Tramp Wins the 31st Annual World’s Ugliest Dog Contest 2019 – California

So ugly it’s cute… Do you think the ugliest dog will become the trend in areas like Beverly Hills or West Hollywood with people paying top dollar to claim the title of the ugliest dog? The top prize was $1,500.

Scamp the Tramp will never win a beauty contest. But he’s won an ugly one.

The bug-eyed, dreadlocked pooch took top honors Friday night at the 31st annual World’s Ugliest Dog Contest.

Owner Yvonne Morones of Santa Rosa, California, won an appearance with Scamp on the “Today” show, $1,500 in cash, another $1,500 to donate to an animal shelter — and a trophy the size of a Rottweiler.

“He’s Scamp the Champ, no longer Scamp the Tramp,” Morones told the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat after the victory. “I think the audience saw his beautiful spirit and everything he’s given back to the community.”

Scamp makes volunteer visits to schoolchildren and a local senior citizens center.

The street dog from Compton was rescued by Morones in 2014 after she spotted him on Pet Finder.

“It was on the way home that I knew I made the right choice,” she said in a contest press statement. “There we were, two strangers in a car on the way home to a new start. Bob Marley was playing ‘One Love’ and I looked over and little Scamp was bobbing his head. It was like he knew he had found his forever home.”

Scamp beat out 18 other contestants who showed off their droopy tongues, bowed legs, perpetually confused looks and other strange attributes.

The contestants got to walk the red carpet and preen for adoring fans at Sonoma-Marin Fairgrounds in the heart of Northern California wine country.

The competition, as they say, was fierce.

Second place went to Wild Thang, a Pekinese with beady eyes and a disturbing tongue, owned by Ann Lewis of Los Angeles.

Third place went to Tostito, a Chihuahua whose damaged ears and droopy tongue make him look like he just stuck his foot into an electrical socket. Tostito, owned by Molly Horgan of Falmouth, Maine, also won the Spirit Award.

This year’s People’s Choice Award went to Meatloaf, a bulldog mix with protruding teeth owned by Denae Pruner of Sacramento, California.

Everyone knows ugliness is in the eye of the beholder and, to a dog lover, there is no such thing as an uncomely canine. Weird-looking, maybe. Appearance-challenged, perhaps. Or, as owners of ugly dogs like to say, “unique.”

Like Willie Wonka, a sweet-natured pit bull abandoned after he was discovered to have a genetic malady that left his legs so bowed he could barely walk.

With a chuckle, publicist Christy Gentry said the competition wasn’t just about being ugly.

“Judges are looking for special attributes like hanging tongues, slobber, drool (the more the better). Maybe unusual patches of skin or hair,” she explained.

Last year’s champion, an English bulldog named Zsa Zsa, with a tongue that hung nearly to the ground, endeared herself to the judges when she sneezed and drooled all over them.

Soon she was headed to New York for national TV appearances. Sadly, Zsa Zsa died about a year ago at age 9.

Another previous winner, Nana, made the cover of an album by the Grateful Dead spinoff band Ratdog.

Organizers say the contest isn’t just skin-deep. It’s also about bringing attention to the needs of rescue dogs.

Most competitors were previously abandoned or rescued from kill shelters in the U.S., found abandoned on streets or seized from unscrupulous breeders.

“What we’re really doing is we’re showcasing dogs that have been rescued and adopted and brought into loving homes,” Gentry said. “These are sort of spokesdogs for adoption.”

Let us see if Scamp the Tramp holds on to his Ugliest Dog Title in 2020.

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Dog-Friendly Places in West Hollywood

About West Hollywood

West Hollywood is a prestigious city in Los Angeles County, known for its wild night-life and a prominent gay population. The total population of this city is about 36,000 people. It is an expensive place, as an average rent in 2019 is $2,546, and the median house price is $1,137,000. Most of the inhabitants in this city are working white collar jobs, and according to Data USA, the average household income here is $66,458.

Is West Hollywood a safe city for your dog?

Is it really safe in West Hollywood? Comparatively speaking it most certainly is a safe place to live or visit. Having said that you will still want to use good judgment similar to virtually any large city. Nevertheless, as Los Angeles communities go, West Hollywood is just about as safe as you could reasonably expect. On a range of 1 to 10, with 10 being the safest and secure, West Hollywood scores an 8.
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What is West Hollywood known for?

West Hollywood (WeHo) is a well-known city recognized for its acclaimed nightlife. The Sunset Strip, the Chateau Marmont frequented by celebs, comedy night clubs and live music venues like the renowned Whiskey a Go Go. WeHo additionally boasts a number of the city’s most chic restaurants.
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West Hollywood has plenty of bars, pubs, and restaurants to visit with your dog. Here is a few of the most popular.

The Surly Goat

This pub, located in 7929 Santa Monica Boulevard is a great place for craft beer lovers. Overall, this pub offers 27 types of beers. From IPA and stout to Barleywine and Lambic. Besides, this pub offers a variety of eating option. The Surly Goat is a perfect choice if you not only want to drink but also fill your stomach, all while your four-legged friend is sitting nearby.

Fat Dog

This dog-friendly establishment located in 801 N Fairfax Avenue offers a plethora of drinking and eating options. In addition, they host Whiskey Wednesday, where you can get a whiskey flight and a draft beer of your choice for just $12, In Tuesdays, Fat Dog offers a jaw-dropping %50 off all bottles of wine for the whole night.

Without bars and restaurants to visit with your dog, West Hollywood also has a lot of parks that you can visit with your dog. Here is a couple of the most prominent.

West Hollywood Park & Dog Park

This park located in 647 N. San Vincente Boulevard is one of the bests to visit with your puppy. Two joined parks, one of 4,000 square feet for small dogs, and another of 7,000 square feet for large dogs will ensure that you find everything you want for your dog.

This park is designed to let dogs roam free off the leash, as it is surrounded by fences and gates. The turf of the park is artificial, with no rubber infill. It makes sure that your dog will not burn or hurt its pawns while running around and having fun. Few of rules to follow in the park is to leash your dog outside the fenced area, to clean up after the dog, and to supervise your dog at all times. Overall, a great place to keep your pet healthy and happy!

William S. Hart Park & Off-Leash Dog Park
8341 De Longpre Ave

Get together with other local canine and their owners at this well-liked community dog park. The park is well appointed with sufficient wood chips for the dogs and relaxing benches for the owners to relax, talk with others and watch their pooch having a great time. William Hart was an actor in the silent movie era.

Runyon Canyon Park

This park located in 2000 N. Fuller Avenue is the destination if you want to hike with your dog. Some hikes are paved, some are dirt, but all of them are manageable for the beginners, while also presenting as a mild challenge for advanced hikers. The views you will enjoy while hiking with your four-legged buddy is worth every minute spent here.

Dogs can be unleashed after you enter the park and pass the yoga area. Be calm to let your dog run free, just be sure you are looking after your pet. In addition, Runyon Canyon Park offers water and waste bags along the trail. Just be sure to use these amenities and you are guaranteed to have a great time with your pet in this park!

Local Zip Codes and Geo Coordinates:

Zip: West Hollywood, CA 90046, USA – Geo: 34.1147313, -118.3659151

Zip: West Hollywood, CA 90048, USA – Geo: 34.0741548, -118.3746802

Zip: West Hollywood, CA 90069, USA – Geo: 34.0931603, -118.3805234


As Summer Temps Rise Knowing This One Fact Could Save A Dog’s Life

While not leaving your pet at home and taking it with you during the hot summer is popular with most pet owners, however, leaving your dog in the vehicle with the air conditioning on is still very dangerous. Your car may stall and the temperature in the vehicle will rise rapidly harming your pet. Or you may not even know your car has an exhaust leak and while you are in the store your pet is getting poisoned by exhaust fumes. Or your pet knocks the vehicle into gear and the car rolls into traffic or runs a pedestrian over. Bottom line: Don’t leave your pet in the vehicle alone it’s not worth the risks.

Dog hanging out of car window

In the summer months, temperatures typically soar. Humans want to take their dogs with them wherever they go, so the pups can enjoy the warm weather, too. Unfortunately, some people forget the higher temps and leave their dogs trapped inside boiling hot cars. In some states, Good Samaritan laws allow you to legally rescue dogs from the heat and almost certain death.

Dog staring out a card window

The California Rule

A popular Twitter account alerted its followers to a law in California that makes rescuing dogs all the easier.

In California, it’s legal for concerned citizens to break into a hot car if the dog inside appears to be in danger.

— UberFacts (@UberFacts) May 1, 2018


In fact, in 2017, the state passed a law making it legal for Californians to break into vehicles to rescue animals if they appear to be in danger. With California’s warm climate (especially in the desert) this law is important!

However, precautions must be taken before busting open a window. Before taking action, the person must first call the authorities.

But, not every state has the same protections for its Good Samaritans.

Dog staring out car window

The Fine Print

Yes, in some places rescuing a dog from a hot car is legal. But the rules vary. The Animal Defense Legal Fund (ADLF) broke down the differences between the regions.

First, call 911 if you spot an animal inside a car on a very warm day.

Next, know the facts. The ADLF reported:

Only eight states — California, Colorado, Indiana, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Florida, Ohio, and Tennessee — have “Good Samaritan” laws that allow any person to break a car window to save a pet. Alabama and Arizona have bills pending.

But there are conditions to the rules. Be aware that…

…in six of those states — California, Florida, Massachusetts, Ohio, Tennessee, and Wisconsin — “Good Samaritans” must first contact law enforcement before breaking into the car in order for their actions to be considered legal.

What about the rest of the country? Here’s what else you need to know, according to the ADLF:

In 19 states, public officials such as law enforcement and humane officers can legally break into a car to rescue an animal (Arizona, California, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Vermont, Virginia and Washington).

In New Jersey and West Virginia, although it is illegal to confine an animal in a hot car, no one has the authority to break into a vehicle to save the animal, not even law enforcement.

parked car

What is Too Hot?

Don’t think you can leave your window cracked open. That is not sufficient. Some research reported that the average temperature rise of 3.4°F / 5 minutes in an enclosed car was only decreased to 3.1°F / 5 minutes by leaving the windows open.

Consider this: even a 70°F temperature outside poses a threat to your pup. A study conducted in San Francisco found on a 72°F day the temperature inside a test car reached 93°F in 10 minutes and 105°F in 20 minutes. By 60 minutes, the temperature measured 119°F. Not safe conditions for your pup!

The bottom line: don’t lock your dog in a vehicle on even what appears to be a cool day and remind your friends and family the same. If you see an animal in distress, alert the authorities immediately.

H/T ALT 105.3 Radio

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Why Does My Dog Have Bad Gas?

Why is my dog gassy?


Home Call Vet has found in most cases when you find your pet suddenly gassy it is from a change in your pet’s diet, eating too fast and swallowing large amounts of air or from the dog eating something new in their diet or spoiled food. Most cases of excessive flatulence are caused by a diet your pet is not digesting to the fullest.

Some breeds are more sensitive to food than others. For example, my two Pitbulls have always been on a high-quality all natural food but were unbearably gassy as puppies. Through a process of elimination, we found that dog foods that contained chicken were the culprit and once we switched to an all pork dog food, we all could breathe easier once again.

Why is my dog’s stomach making noises?

Borborygmi (scientific name) for rumbling or gurgling noise made by fluid and gas as it moves through your pet’s intestines. Having some level of gas is quite normal in pets however at times it can become excessive. In most cases, providing no recent dietary changes, heavier episodes of gas should return to normal levels. If excessive flatulence continues, try switching to high-quality natural food that is low for pet allergens such as salmon. If dietary changes do not help, contact your vet for an exam.

What can you give a dog for gas and bloating?

If you already feed your pet a high-quality food you can try adding a digestive enzyme supplement to each meal. And as I mentioned previously, change your pet’s diet to another protein, not all high-quality foods may agree with your pet’s digestive needs.  Here is to a healthy and happy pet.

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Beaches that Allow Dogs in California

It’s always a great day when you can pack up your pooch with a frisbee and head to the beach. Therefore, it is important to know which beaches in your area allow dogs so you can plan your fun day.

Below is a list of the most popular dog beaches in California.

Dog-Friendly Beaches in California: From the Redwoods to Santa Barbara

California's Dog Friendly Beaches - From the Redwoods to Santa Barbara |

Visiting dog-friendly beaches in California with our pooch Babu is one of our favorite activities. We hope this article helps you get out and have a great time with your canine companion!

California's Dog Friendly Beaches - From the Redwoods to Santa Barbara |


Dog-Friendly Beaches in California 1. Mendocino County

Mendocino County, 3 1/2 hours north of San Francisco, is not only the home to California’s giant redwoods but is also extremely dog-friendly! Pups on leashes are welcome to stroll beautiful Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, named after the shiny glassy marbles scattered everywhere, and the lovely beach at Van Damme State Park.

But Noyo Beach is the best because here the off-leash play is allowed. We have been to Mendocino twice and I can vouch for how beautiful Glass and Noyo beach are. Van Damme State Park and Beach, though relatively smaller, is still a nice sandy stretch offering a tranquil sunset. Before you plan your trip, check this guide to pet friendly vacations in Mendocino.

Dog laying on the sand on a dog friendly beach in California

2. Point Reyes National Seashore

Due to nature and wildlife conservation efforts along this shoreline, most of Pt. Reyes is inaccessible to dogs (who are considered natural predators). However, there are a handful of beaches your dog can explore.

Kehoe Beach and the short trail leading to it are exceptions, and dogs on-leash are welcome. It’s an easy hike down the trail to this quiet beach, where beautiful reflections seem to float in the still water. Pack a picnic, because the golden sunset here will dazzle you and your pup!

California's Dog Friendly Beaches - From the Redwoods to Santa Barbara | California's Dog Friendly Beaches - From the Redwoods to Santa Barbara |


3. Sausalito

This tiny artistic town, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, is very dog-friendly. The rental houseboats on the marina even welcome dogs! Here you’ll find Rodeo Beach, where dogs are allowed to play off leash. This beach is famous for the semi-precious stones, such as jade and tourmaline, that are often found when sifting the sand.

California's Dog Friendly Beaches - From the Redwoods to Santa Barbara | California's Dog Friendly Beaches - From the Redwoods to Santa Barbara | 4. Santa Cruz

If you only have time to visit one spot in Santa Cruz with your pup, don’t miss Greyhound Rock Beach! This gem of a beach is secluded, never crowded, and welcomes dogs. When we got to the beach (moderate hiking involved) we were delighted to find the waves crashing against the pristine white shore with only one other human and his dog in sight. I highly recommend this beach to all pet parents who want to get away from the chaos of the Santa Cruz boardwalk.

California's Dog Friendly Beaches - From the Redwoods to Santa Barbara | California's Dog Friendly Beaches - From the Redwoods to Santa Barbara |


5. Carmel and Monterey

The town of Carmel is super dog-friendly, so it’s no surprise that it has one of the best off-leash beaches on the coast. Additionally, fireworks are forbidden here, so it’s a great place to escape with your sensitive pet on July 4th. The beach is popular, so you need to arrive early to snag a cozy spot on the soft sand.

READ MORE ⇒  Visiting Carmel’s Dog Beaches

California's Dog Friendly Beaches - From the Redwoods to Santa Barbara | California's Dog Friendly Beaches - From the Redwoods to Santa Barbara |

Between Carmel and Big Sur, you’ll find another beach at Garrapata State Park where dogs are welcome on leash. This one has a wonderful trail covered with wildflowers in summer, so time your visit accordingly. Finally, dogs are also allowed at Monterey State Beach and Asilomar Beach in Pacific Grove.

California's Dog Friendly Beaches - From the Redwoods to Santa Barbara | California's Dog Friendly Beaches - From the Redwoods to Santa Barbara |

READ MORE ⇒  San Diego’s Top Dog Beaches

6. San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo, the shining gem of California’s central valley, has several beaches, but most are not accessible to dogs. However, we don’t give up easily! After a bit of sniffing around, we soon learned that San Simeon Pier and cove, adjacent to the William Hearst Beach, welcomes dogs on leash.

The pier/boardwalk jutting out to the sea is off-limits, but don’t let that deter you from taking in another spectacular California sunset.

California's Dog Friendly Beaches - From the Redwoods to Santa Barbara |


7. Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara was the destination of our first ever road trip with Babu. And it remains a favorite with several dog-friendly beaches to visit. Arroyo Burro Beach County Park and Rincon Beach Park are two such sandy havens were dogs are allowed off leash. It was such fun to see Babu tearing down the sand and playing with other furry friends.

California's Dog Friendly Beaches - From the Redwoods to Santa Barbara |


I hope this article inspires you to visit more of the beautiful dog-friendly beaches in California with your furry travel companion!


About the Author: Paroma Chakravarty is a scientist by day, and blogger by night. She lives in the beautiful city of San Francisco with her husband and their 12-year-old Tibetan spaniel mix, Babu. She records their adventures, plus dining experiences and her travel travails, on her blog,, and on Instagram, and Pinterest. All photos in this post belong to Paroma.

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